keep a good diet

"Keep a good diet. Abstain from all such things as will nourish and feed your diseases. What is it that has brought you to this wretched place, that has made you this sick and miserable soul? You have been with the prodigal, Luke 15, feeding upon husks; you have been with Israel, Isaiah 44:20, feeding upon ashes; you have been with Ephraim, Hosea 12:1, feeding upon wind. These husks, these ashes, and this wind have been all your poor soul has been feeding upon. The vanities of this world, the lust and pleasures, the carnal delights and the profits of this world, are but windy food for your soul; these are the very ashes and husks that have filled you with such sore diseases. You have fed your heart so long with these carnal things, your soul has been eating these ashes and drinking this wind so long, that is has even turned into ashes and wind. It has become an earthly soul, a fleshly soul, a vain, frothy soul. And never think to be recovered to a better case till you feed upon better food.

Would you be recovered, and get a new heart and a new soul? Then abstain from your old feeding. "Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul" (1 Peter 2:11). "Make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof" (Romans 13:14). "Deny all ungodliness and worldly lusts" (Titus 2:12). My meaning is plainly is this: if ever you would recover, allow not your fleshly appetites the liberty as before. Come off from your carnal pleasures, which have been such a bond to you; come off from your carnal companions-drink no more with the drunken; run not with them to their excess of riot; no more vain sportings and revelings, not in chambering and wontonness, not in riot and drunkenness. Come off from this greedy, worldly life; do not feed your souls upon your lands, your monies, or your trades. Though you must have something of these for your bodies, yet feed not your hearts with them. Set not your hearts upon them. That is the advice of Psalm 62:10: "If riches increase," or, whether they increase or not, "set not your heart upon them." Let not your souls be drudges to your flesh, to gather in provision for it; nor let them feed with your flesh at the same trough.

You have better things for your souls to feed upon. You have God to feed on, the blood of Christ, the covenant of grace, the hope of salvation, the joys of the Spirit, the pleasures of eternity, the bread that comes down from heaven, the wine that makes glad the city of God. Let these be the food of your souls; feed your thoughts upon them. Think often of God: of His infinite goodness and grace, of His eternal treasures and everlasting pleasures. Think of Christ: what He has done for you, what He has purchased for you, how he has loved you, washed you in His blood, and saved you by His death. Feed your affections on God and His glory to come; feed your desires upon Him. Let this be your voice, Isaiah 26:8: "The desire of my soul is to Thy name." Enlarge your desires; here you cannot be too greedy and of too eager an appetite. Delight yourselves in the Lord; get the savor and relish of spiritual things; taste the pleasures of religion; taste the sweetness of Christianity" pg. 99,100 "Instructions About Heartwork" by Richard Alleine
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