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fully involved in trying to crack the German Enigma enciphering machine

It is in the flow of this day here in West Michigan 3:13 PM Tuesday. It is that time of day when I close down for the day and wait for darkness to come. I am usually by this time of day to throw in the towel and admit defeat. But I have to write something to mark this day as being one that I inhabited for a span of time.

Outside this afternoon it is gray, cold and windy. I was thinking of raking leaves this afternoon, but right now I feel sick to my stomach. I might go out in the back yard and fill the refuse contained with dead leaves since we pay to have this contained emptied on Fridays.

I have been up since 7:15 AM this morning. I had a typical morning. I made myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I am still not gaining weight. I weigh 215 lbs. still. I like to weigh 195 lbs.. I messed with our main computer this morning and read my books on Old Testament Book of Genesis. Carol got home from work around 9 o'clock AM this morning. This morning after my wife went to bed I made a video for my YouTube channel on book collecting and Christian Spirituality. So much is left unsaid in my videos.

This morning I went downtown and bought two new books and then visited thrift stores. I spent the afternoon hours writing in my personal paper diary and reading my books. So has gone by existence. Not much else to report. I bought these two books this morning at Reader' World Bookstore-

"Mislaid" a novel by Nell Zink

"Other Colors: Essays And A Story" by Orhan Pamuk

After visiting this bookstore I visit thrift stores and found these two used books-

"The Mighty Angel" A Novel by Jerzy Pilch (translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston)

"American Creation: Triumphs And Tragedies At The Founding Of The Republic" by Joseph J. Ellis

I have been reading this afternoon when not following asleep-

"The Blue Flower" A novel by Penelope Fitzgerald

"Penelope Fitzgerald: A Life" biography by Hermione Lee

This afternoon UPS delivered a book I had ordered a long time ago titled, "Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl" A Memoir by Carrie Brownstein.

Well I fading fast so I will close to face the coming night.

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