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the world of Nature as a visible revelation of an invisible Universe

It is in the holy flow of Time Eastern Standard time 7:53 AM Monday. A cold rainy dark gray ugly morning here in West Michigan. A good day to go ice fishing.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. A weird dream drove me out of bed this morning. So I got up made myself a pot of coffee and ate old pancakes for breakfast. Next I messed with our main computer. Carol got up around 7 o'clock AM as I was writing in my paper diary. I made for her oatmeal for breakfast. So has gone by morning existence.

I have no plans for the day ahead of me. The day will go by. I do not know what Carol plans to do this morning. Since it is raining she can't go for a walk any where.

Last night I watched television and read from the book "The Highest States of Consciousness" Edited by John White. I also looked at these books last night-

"The Holy Spirit in Puritan Faith and Experience" by Geoffrey F. Nuttall

"Preaching the Inward Light: Early Quaker Rhetoric" by Michael P. Graves

Well not much else to report in the flow of existence. I will close to face an uncertain future.

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