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Spiritual Religion

"Spiritual Reformers in the 16th and 17th Centuries" By Rufus Jones (Quaker)

What is Spiritual Religion; The Main Current of the Reformation; Hans Denck and the Inward Word; Two Prophets of the Inward Word: Bunderlin and Entfelder; Sebastian Franck: An Apostle of Inward Religion; Caspar Schwenckfeld and the Reformation of the Middle Way; Sebastian Castellio: A Forgotten Prophet; Coornhert and the Collegiants; Valentine Weigel and Nature Mysticism; Jacob Boehme: His Life and Spirit; Boehme's Universe, His Way of Salvation and His Influence in England; Early English Interpreters of Spiritual Religion, John Everard, Giles Randall and others; John Smith, Patonist; Thomas Traheren and the Spiritual Poets of the Seventeenth Century.

Hans Denck (1495-1527) Anabaptist

Johann Bunderlin (1499-1533)

Sebastian Franck (1499-1543)

Caspar Schwenckfeld (1489 or 1490-1561)

Sebastian Castellio (1515-1563)

Jacob Boehme (1575-1624)

John Everard (preacher)

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