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AAUW Used Books Sale 9/25/2015

It is in the divine flow 6:22 PM Friday evening. I went to the annual AAUW Used Books Sale at the Holland Civic Center and here is a list of the used books I bought today for our library.

"Kalooki Nights" a novel by Howard Jacobson

"Letters From The Editor: The New Yorker's Harold Ross Edited By Thomas Kunkel

"Exiled in Paris: Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Samuel Beckett, and Others on the Left Bank" literary biography by James Campbell

"Sex, Art, And American Culture" essays by Camille Paglia

"Mary Renault: A Biography" by David Sweetman

"Nirvana: The Biography" by Everett True

"The Spanish Republic and the Civil War, 1931-1939" by Gabriel Jackson

"The Lemon Table: Stories" by Julian Barnes

"The Royal Way" a novel by Andre Malraux (Translated by Stuart Gilbert)

"Skeletons On The Zahara: A True Story Of Survival" by Dean King

"The Ascent Of Money: A Financial History of The World" by Niall Ferguson

"The Book Against God" A Novel by James Wood

"The Tin Drum" a Novel by Gunter Grass (The New Translation By Breon Mitchell)

"Ulysses" a novel hardback Edition (The Complete and Unabridged text, now corrected and entirely reset) by James Joyce

"Finnegans Wake" a novel (Centennial Edition hardback) by James Joyce

"The Glass-Blowers" a novel by Daphne du Maurier

"Those Barren Leaves" a novel by Aldous Huxley

"Trans Atlantic" A Novel by Colum McCann

"Lorna Doone" a novel by R. D. Blackmore

"Steinbeck: A Life in Letters" Edited Elaine Steinbeck & Robert Wallsten

"Reamde" a novel by Neal Stephenson

"Hand To Mouth" memoir by Paul Auster

"Mentor: A Memoir" by Tom Grimes

"Mindfield" poetry by Gregory Corso (With Introductory Material By Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs & Douglas Oliver)

"The Palace Thief:Stories" by Ethan Canin

"Better Than Sex: Confessions Of A Political Junkie" by Hunter S. Thompson

"The Man in the Wooden Hat" a novel by Jane Gardam

"Wild Child: Stories" by T.C. Boyle

"World's End" a novel by T.C. Boyle

"Father's Melancholy's Daughter" a novel by Gail Goodwin

The above books are the ones I got this afternoon for our library. I plan to go back tomorrow morning to the second day of this used books sale and search for more books before going to the library to volunteer at the book nook from 10 AM to 1 PM. I will close to gather my wits.

used books sale 9/25/2015

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