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a deep-seated American enthusiasm about the possibilities for reshaping the self

It is in the flow of life 11:58 AM late Friday morning. It has been thus far a normal day for me. I can see that the sun light is going to appear this afternoon. This morning it was gray and foggy outside.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I got up and messed with our main computer. When my wife got up I made for us a pot of coffee and a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast we went grocery shopping. Carol wanted to go grocery shopping before going to her yearly six month check-up at our dentist/her appointment was at 9:45 AM. So we went grocery shopping. When we were at a grocery store I realized my wife and I have been grocery shopping going on 37 years. I often how long Carol and I have together in this life. I know Carol and I will be together in Eternity/Heaven. The marriage union can not be broken by physical death. Marriage is an eternal covenant (Mark 10:9).

We were home from grocery shopping around 9:15 AM. We put away the groceries and Carol left for her dentist appointment. I wrote in my paper diary and then dozed till Carol got home around 10:30 AM.

I have not read anything this morning due to being extremely tired. I hardly slept last night.

Last night I read the memoir by Robert Jay Lifton titled, "Witness to an Extreme Century". Now it is another day. Carol goes back to work tonight. (I also read yesterday the novel, "The Mighty Walzer" by Howard Jacobson. While I read this novel I often find myself either softly laughing or quietly weeping.)

This afternoon around 2:30 PM I plan to leave the house for a giant used books sale here in Holland at the Holland Civic Center.

Well, I suppose I will close to drift to the music of the band The Black Dahlia Murder.

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