we must see and feel faith

It is in the flow 4:06 PM Wednesday late afternoon. I am down in the lower level of our house writing on one of my lap tops. I finished cleaning the house and now I am down here having a cup of coffee and getting ready to meet the coming night. I have next to my lap top a sermon booklet that came in the mail this week. For many years a group in Grand Rapids have been sending me sermon booklets called Treasured Meditations. I have thousands of sermon booklets down here in a big box. I do not know what to do with these sermon booklets so I store them hoping someday to find someone who will want them. For years I use to collect Reformed literature/Calvinistic. I still have Calvinistic literature going back to the early 1970's down here in a box. My wife thinks I am a hoarder. I just find it hard to throw away good Christian materials, plus everything I keep is a marker along my spiritual journey.

Years ago when we were members of a small independent Dutch Reformed church I had a rack where I displayed these sermon booklets for people to take and read at their leisure. Sad to say no one took the sermon booklets. It is sad to know Christians do not read the spiritual writings/sermons of the Christian past.

This sermon booklet next to me is a sermon by Rev. J.C. Philpot (1802-1869) titled A PECULIAR PEOPLE text First Peter 2 verse 9 "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." I will quote some of this gospel sermon while I am down here.

"So it is with faith in our heart. Faith in the soul runs like a hidden river under the superincumbent mass of unbelief. But how am I to know that it is there? I know it sometimes by the strugglings, the unheavings, the attempts of this river to rise to the light of day. But if sometimes there is a chasm made-if rocky unbelief be parted asunder, and I can discern the actings, breathings, and workings of living faith, and it sparkles up as it catches a beam from the Sun-then I have another and a far brighter evidence that I have the faith of God's elect. Thus, in tracing out the work of faith upon the soul, we must not only discover faith in its conflicts, but we must sometimes see faith in its victories. We must see and feel faith, not merely as heaving itself up under the mass of unbelief, but we must sometimes see that blessed grace springing forth into lively exercise, so as to realize the things of God in Christ. The "special people" have faith; and this faith is sometimes called forth into blessed exercise, and is drawn up by the Spirit of God, so as to rise up to the light of day, and glisten and shine beneath the Sun of Righteousness" J.C. Philpot
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