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an attitude of total withdrawal

It is in the flow of this early Autumn day 2:58 PM Wednesday Eastern Standard Time. It is in the 80's today here in West Michigan. It is the last gasp of Summer. Maybe we will have this year a long Indian Summer. Carol said on the phone this afternoon they are predicting the autumn colors will peak late October this year.

I have had a normal day thus far. I left the house around Noon to go pick up a prescription at Family Fare. When I got back it was 12:21 PM. As I was stripping our bed to put on clean sheets Carol called and we talked for awhile/she sounded tired and ready to come back home. After talking to Carol I mopped the floors, gave Rudy a bath, cleaned the main bathroom and put away my paper diary for the day. Carol will be home tomorrow evening which is a blessing. I miss my wife of my youth, well the end of my youth. I think I was 28 years old when I married Carol so I was not young. I have a feeling that when Carol gets home she will collapse into a state of complete exhaustion. From what I have gathered from our phone conversations she has gone 24/7 since being there in Phoenix. When she gets home she only has a couple of days before going back to work.

I do not know what I will do next to kill time. I should turn off the music and prepare to meet my Maker/read or just sit and pray in contemplative stillness. I will close to see what I do next.

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