ever increasing disharmony and discord at every level of industrial society

It in the flow of the Plan of God 12:56 PM Tuesday afternoon. I think it is Tuesday, but I could be dead wrong. I went upstairs and checked, yes it is a Tuesday. Lately I have a difficult time remember simple things like who I am. Who am I? All is a mystery to me, but I believe everything is connected so why freaked out. Everything is going according to the will of a Sovereign God.

I did leave the house this morning. I took Rudy for a walk at Kollen Park and visited two thrift stores near where we live. I also stopped at Family Fare Pharmacy and dropped off prescriptions to be refilled. I bought these used books this morning for our library-

"Killing Time" a novel of the future by Caleb Carr (I collect the writings of Caleb Carr.)

"Iron Council" a novel by China Mieville (I read Mieville's novel "Perdido Street Station" awhile back and really enjoyed it, so every since I have been collecting his writings.)

"J" a novel by Howard Jacobson (I have in our library another novel by Jacobson titled, "The Finkler Question",)

After doing my errands I came home to eat lunch. As I was eating lunch Carol called and we talked awhile. So has gone by existence. All I have attempted to read today is the book, "Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia" by Deleuze & Guattari.

I decided not to leave my cell this afternoon/ no road trip to South Haven. I will wait it out here inside my cage. Life is good.
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