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trying to recover some singular meaning within a fragmented landscape

It is in the death flow 5:54 PM Sunday evening. Another day has gone down the drain. I had a normal day, which I praise God for. I am thankful for a normal carefree life. I did not hear any gun shoots today and we have a roof over our heads. I am thankful the city of Holland has not been bombed out like cities in Syria.

This afternoon I watched some professional football and then turned off the TV to doze in our living room easy chair from 2 o’clock PM till 4 o’clock PM. I have not done much since getting up out of the easy chair. I am tired of everything. I am not in the mood to read my books or watch more professional football. Right now I am listening to heavy metal music Wolves In The Throne Room. There is to nothing do but wait for tomorrow to come. I do not know if I can force myself to put more stuff inside my head. I think I am overfed and need to rest my brain and belly.

I thought of taking our dog Rudy for a walk someplace but I am afraid I might get in a car wreck so I will stay inside this evening. I would hate to smash up Carol’s car. When I am out driving Carol’s car I am always afraid someone is going smash into me. I could drive my old Dodge van but I am afraid it will die on me someplace far from home. I can’t win.

Carol told me this morning she would call late this evening because they are baptizing baby Margaret Carol tonight. Carol did not know when they would get home this evening. She is three hours behind me there in Arizona. So Maggie will receive according to Reformed Faith the sign of the covenant of grace/infant baptism/sprinkling of water on the head.

I suppose I have nothing else to share so I will close to wait for nightfall.

photo of Margaret Carol getting baptized
Beth, Andy and Margaret

Margaret Carol

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