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a vision of the world in terms of a single intellectual pattern 
10th-Sep-2015 01:47 pm
It is now in the death flow 1:40 PM Thursday afternoon. I went to the Freedom Village Bazaar and found these used books to add to our library.

"Butcher's Crossing" a novel by John Williams (Recently I read Williams novel, "Augustus".)

"When I Was a Child I Read Books" essays by Marilynne Robinson (Robinson's novel, "Lila" is on the list for a Booker Prize this year.)

Booker Prize

"Edward Hopper And The American Imagination" essays Edited by Deborah Lyons, Adam D. Weinberg & Julie Grau (I recently bought a used book titled, "Staying Up Much Too Late: Edward Hopper's Nighthawks and the Dark Side of the American Psyche" by Gordon Theisen.)

"Invisible Man" a novel by Ralph Ellison (I bought this copy of "Invisible Man" for the cover. I remember reading this book in High School. A couple of years ago I read a biography on the life of Ralph Ellison titled, "Ralph Ellison: A Biography" by Arnold Rampersad.)

"The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" a novel by Rachel Joyce

"Poems 1962-2012" Louise Gluck

Louise Gluck

After the Bazaar I drove home to have lunch and drift into nothingness. I received a phone from my wife around 12:30 PM this afternoon. Carol is having a hard time dealing with the heat there in Phoenix. She can't wait to get back home where it is in the 70's. Beth and Andy keep there house in the 80's because they can't afford having the air conditioner running night and day. In Phoenix is often over a 100 degrees during the day and not much cooler during the night.

Before going to the Freedom Village Bazaar I walked Rudy at Window on the Waterfront City Park which is right by Freedom Village.


Window on the Waterfront

Window on the Waterfront

Window on the Waterfront

Window on the Waterfront
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