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philosophy of the self

It is in the death flow 8:17 AM Eastern Standard Time Saturday. We have safely come to the end of another week. I am thankful I have not gone insane.

I got up this morning while it was still dark outside. I made myself a cup of tea and warmed up in the microwave blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I am slowly emptying our ice box of food and when it is empty I will live on wind and ashes.

This morning I have been wandering in circles and waiting to go to the Herrick District Public Library Used Bookstore. Every Saturday I volunteer at the library book nook from 10 AM till 1 PM. After the book nook I do not know what I will do.

This morning besides doing nothing I wrote in my paper diary/journal. I have not read anything this morning that would lift my soul into the heavens. Last night I read before falling asleep from a book titled, "The King's English: Adventures of an Independent Bookseller" by Betsy Burton.

While I was watching a college football game last night Carol called. We talked a few minutes. Right now everyone is doing fine. Maybe today baby Margaret Carol will be able to come home.

There is not much else to report this morning. I suppose I will close to wait.

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