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Matthew Parker

This morning our mail came early I suppose because it is Labor Day weekend. I received in the mail a memoir I had ordered titled, "Larceny In My Blood: A Memoir of Heroin, Handcuffs, and Higher Education" by Matthew Parker. I ordered this memoir thinking/believing this Parker had written a book I recently heard about titled, "Willoughbyland: England's Lost Colony". Also I had read in Amazon that Parker had written several other books like, "The Sugar Barons: Family, Corruption, Empire, and War in the West Indies" and "Panama Fever: The Epic Story of the Building of the Panama Canal". I thought to myself when I read that Parker had written a memoir with the titled, "Larceny In My Blood" that he had really come a long way from being a heroin addict to being a successful writer. But to my dismal I discovered this morning there are two writers with the name Matthew Parker. One Parker is an American who has only written this memoir and an another Parker who is British that has written several non-fiction books. There is also a music artist named Matthew Parker.

The Matthew Parker who wrote the memoir, "Larceny In My Blood" has written nothing but this memoir. I also found out this morning that this memoir is a comic book! And not a serious work of literature. I only paid seventy-six cents for this comic book plus postage, but still I was a little disappointed to discover I had not bought what I thought would be an interesting memoir of someone who had become a successful writer after being a drug addict for years.

But I am still impressed that Matthew Parker who wrote the memoir "Larceny In My Blood" had been able to overcome his drug addiction and went on to received a good education/higher education. I personally received a good education in spite of my background of poverty and existential despair. I am an educated Christian with a storehouse full of heavenly knowledge that no one wants. I am glad that now I am retired and can wait for death in a condition middle-class comfort. The Lord is good.

(I do not consider myself educated since I do not know how to write proper a sentence. I write listening to the words as I seek to write them out. If the sentence sounds smooth then I do not correct it. I am always going over my journals/blogs and rewriting stuff all the time. To me it would be blessing to be able to write like John Updike or Joyce Carol Oates. Instead I write like someone born in a housing project in Oakland California.)

Matthew Parker

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