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The Zionist Idea

It is now in the flow 4:34 PM late Wednesday afternoon. It is still cold and gray outside. The sun did not shine today in my world.

It has been a quiet day for me. I really have done nothing but sit and wait for this day to disappear. I did leave the house this afternoon to visit a thrift store a couple blocks from where we live. I usually visit this thrift store once a week and look at their used books. Today I found two used books at this thrift store.

"The Drifters" a novel by James A. Michener (I remember as a young teenager reading two novels by Michener, "The Source" and "Hawaii". I have in our library a two volume history of Texas by Michener.)

"The Jews in America: Four Centuries of an Uneasy Encounter: A History" by Arthur Hertzberg

All I have attempted to read this afternoon is a memoir by Juan Goytisolo titled, "Forbidden Territory And Realms Of Strife".

I took a nap this afternoon in a easy chair in our living room. I am an old man who now takes naps in a easy chair. I live such a wild life!

Carol works tonight so I will be by myself this evening. Last night I decided to not read my books, but watch television. So I watched two hours of TV and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. I had weird dreams all night about Brion Gysin/his writings.

Brion Gysin

Well, I suppose I will close to sit in the cold gray shadows. Tomorrow is a Thursday.

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