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"OBJEC. IV. "An almighty and invincible influence of the Holy Ghost in men's conversion to Christ, excludes all instrumentality of his word in it, which can only work by moral persuasion>" ANSW. 1. Did then the word of God, in the creation of all things, work by mere moral persuasion? Gen. 1. Psalm xxxiii.6,9. Heb xi.3. 2. The almighty influence of which we speak, is perfectly answerable to the nature of men's soul, and so is truly and morally, through infinitely powerful to persuade; and so may well be conveyed through the word of God. And, though men may be able to withstand the influence of the word, when spoken by men, they cannot withstand it when savingly applied by the Holy Ghost.

OBJEC. V. "If men believe the necessity of an almighty influence of God's Spirit to convert them, they will never be persuaded to endeavor any reformation in their heart and practice, till they certainly feel this almighty influence, and can continue no longer in sin." ANSW. 1. Men may reform their outward practice, without any experience of this almighty influence. Phil iii.6, 1 Kings xxi. 27-29. Mark vi. 20. Isa. lviii. 2. 2 Pet. ii.20. 2. It is not men's feelings, but the law of God that is the rule of their duty, Isa. viii.20. Deut. iv. 2. v.32. xii.32. Matt xxviii.20. 3. No man acts agreeably to the gospel, who doth not, under convictions of his own sinfulness, apply to Jesus Christ for reformation of heart and life, without making any prior attempts to reform them himself, Prov. xxiii.26. Ezek xxxvi. 26,27. Jer.xxxi. 3,18,33. Tit. iii.3-7.

OBJEC. VI. "The effectual calling, regeneration, or conversion of men to Christ by mere moral persuasion, exceedingly glorifies all the perfections of God. He thus, in infinite wisdom, deals with reasonable men by precepts, promises, and threatenings suited to their rational powers. With unblemished candour, he calls all men to repent and be saved, if they will. In infinite equity, he punishes men only for the sins which they could have avoided. Thus the glory of all that is good redounds to God, and all the guilt and shame of that which is evil, falls only on the sinners themselves." ANSW. How is it for the glory of God to be represented as if his almighty hands were so tied up, that he can do nothing effectually for the eternal salvation of men, unless their free will, which is enmity against him, deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, assist and succeed his labours in his regenerating and sanctifying work? How hath he the honour and praise of all that is good in men, when their free will alone must determine whether despiteful blasphemy and redoubled damnation, or faith in Christ, and eternal salvation, shall be the effect of all that he can do for and with them?" pg. 354,355 "The Systematic Theology of John Brown of Haddington"

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