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"God's prevenient action and mediation. Prior to glorification, humans may bring value to God only through (1) the divine initiative of prevenient grace and foreconditional love and (2) the mediation of Christ. First, God voluntarily bestows prevenient grace and forecondional love, which create the possibility of appropriate human response. God's prevenient grace is that grace which is bestowed prior to any human response and itself enables human response. God's foreconditional love is that love which he freely grants to all humans prior to, but not exclusive of, conditions. Prior to any human action, God has loved humans and draws them to himself (Jer.31:3) such that human love is predicated on, and responsive to, prior divine love (1 Jn 4:19). Second, Christ's mediation makes up for the deficiencies of those who are "in Christ" by faith (Rom 8:1). That is, God values the human intention and motivation (itself impossible without God's prior action) and adds to that intention and motivation the ongoing mediation of Christ that makes up for human deficiencies (compare 1 Pet 2:5). " pg. 141 "The Love of God: A Canonical Model" by John C. Peckham

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