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their history has made them megalomaniac and simplified their desires

It is 10:49 AM late Monday morning. Outside it is sunny and windy. It is 66 degrees and autumn is in the wind today.

I have been wandering the house and reading "Stories In An Almost Classical Mode" by Harold Brodkey this morning. I am too wasted to do much else this morning. I thought about going to get my beard trimmed and my hair cut, but I can't seem to find the will power to execute anything. So I wander the house and read as the sun shines.

My wife left this morning to do errands and visit her brother Dave/his wife Gail.

Not much else going on this morning. Last night I do not remember very clearly. I do remember reading "Stories In An Almost Classical Mode" and going to bed early.

This morning my wife and I were up early and thus far the morning has passed with not much difficulty.

I suppose I will close to make the best of It.

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