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Argos Book Shop

Today while Carol and I were in Grand Rapids having dinner with our oldest son and his family I visited a bookstore that I have been buying used books from for 35 years (since we were in Bible College/East Town Grand Rapids. I bought these used books today from Argos.

"Stories" by Kathrine Mansfield

"Aubrey Beardsley: An Account Of His Life" biography by Miriam Benkovitz

"Stories In Almost Classical Mode" Short Stories by Harold Brodkey

"Through The Dark Labyrinth: A Biography of Lawrence Durrell" by Gordon Bowker

Carol and I got home from GR around 7:45 PM.

This morning at the library book nook I had a normal time. I brought home from the library used books store two used books to ADD to our library.

"If Morning Ever Comes, The Tin Can Tree, & A Slipping-Down Life" three earlier novels by Anne Tyler

"Pathfinders: A Global History Of Exploration" by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

While at the book nook when not helping people I read, "The Virtues Of The Solitary Bird" a novel by Juan Goyisolo.

Well there is not much else to report this evening. I plan to go to bed soon. Existence keeps zooming by!

Our granddaughter Josie Joy loves eating corn on the cob.

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