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video of our book collection/lower level

This morning I made this video of our book collection. The lower level is dark so some of our books can't be seen in the video. We need to install new ceiling lights downstairs some day. I have been watching a lot of book videos in YouTube and have been playing around with the idea of making videos book review videos or videos of showing the books I have recently bought at thrift stores or from other sources like Amazon or local bookstores. One thing that bothers me about YouTube books is that there is no one/Christian I have found who is doing book reviews on Christian books/academic Christian books/Christian Spirituality.

This video is crappy but it is real. I always seek to be real even if I am come off as an oddball. (I notice in this video my beard is getting wild and I have little pot belly. I am getting out of shape and off the radar/outside mainstream reality/I am not here. I am in It.)

Well, I will close to go to the bank and visit thrift store before it storms.


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