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tormented love

It is in the flow of time on a late summer Friday morning eastern standard time 9:40 AM. Outside the sun is shining.

I got up this morning around 5:30 AM. I got up because I was having a weird Pentecostal religious dream. In this dream a group of Pentecostals were teaching that barking like a dog was a spiritual experience that every born again Christian had to experience in order to be truly saved. I sought in the dream to prove to these Pentecostals from the Bible that barking like a dog was not an experience all Christians must experience. In the dream a Pentecostal showed me in the Bible these letters PPP which he said was translated, 'barking'. In the dream I was totally blown away by the stupidity of these Pentecostals! I was speechless with rage at these Pentecostals ignorance! I told these group of Pentecostals that I had gone to Bible College and Seminary and had never came across such a teaching in the Bible. In the dream I was so frustrated that I was breathless/I was yelling in a horse whisper to these religious fanatics. The dream was very upsetting so I woke myself up to face life. I can not escape life. I am trapped. In seven years if I do not die I will be 70 years old. My life is coming to a close.

This morning when Carol got up we had oatmeal for breakfast and then we went to grocery shopping. When we got home from food gathering Carol left to go downtown to a sidewalk sale to buy new shoes for work.

Carol leaves this morning to go east of the state to our granddaughter's baptism/Josie Joy's baptism. She is being baptized into the Catholic Church. Our daughter-in-law Emily's uncle is a Catholic priest, he is performing the sacrament of baptism. I was baptized in a American Baptist Church in the year 1970/Richmond, California. Carol was baptized as an infant in the year 1953 Holland, Michigan. My wife grew up in the Christian Reformed Church here in Holland. Michigan.

So the morning goes by. This afternoon my friend Brother Tim is stopping by to visit.

The day will go by. I will close to wait it out.

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