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God apparently wanted Pentecostals to know that Jesus planned to return soon

It is 10:16 AM Thursday morning. Outside this morning it is 61 degrees and sunny. I take note this morning that we constantly hear the sounds of birds. There comes a time when we do not hear birds. I can't remember if the birds are gone by Autumn or Winter. All of sudden the birds stop making a lot of noise. We have birds all year long, but not as much noise. Maybe we do not hear the birds because our windows are generally closed in the Fall and Winter. Anyway right now all we hear are birds.

I got up this morning around 4:48 AM or was it 5:45 AM? I got up early and had a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea. I stopped drinking coffee because it made me feel sick. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I sat in the living room dozing till 7:30 AM. I wrote in my paper diary till Carol got home from work.

I have been reading this morning my new book titled, "American Apocalypse: A History Of Modern Evangelicalism" by Matthew Avery Sutton. I have nothing to do today worth doing. I will drift through the day. I will read my books and wait for time to go by.

a review of the book "American Apocalypse"

Carol is off from work the next couple of nights. This coming Friday Carol plans to drive up north to Josie's baptism. I will stay home to watch Rudy. We can not leave Rudy alone over night.

I will close to drift.

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