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in a cabin in sight of Mount Hood

It is in the flow of existence on Thursday 5:08 PM Eastern Standard Time. I had been thus far a normal day for me. Nothing strange or unusual happened today. It was a peaceful day reading my new book titled, “The Dying Grass A Novel of the Nez Perce War” by William T. Vollmann.

I have not heard yet from Carol this evening. She is three hours behind me, so where she is it is 2:10 PM. I am sure sometime this evening she will call me to make sure I am not dead. Of course tomorrow the Lord Jesus could come and end the whole shooting match.

I did leave the house this morning to put gas in our car and to visit a thrift store. I also took Rudy for a walk this morning at a local city park. I thought about going somewhere for a walk this afternoon, but never found the nerve to execute any plan of action. So instead of going for a walk I stayed inside my cell and read Vollmann’s new novel “The Dying Grass”. I have been reading the writings of Vollmann for many years. In some ways my diary writing resembles the works of Vollmann/a million words that mean nothing. My diaries are a record of my existence.

Tomorrow is the last day of July 2015. We are coming to the end of Summer 2015. It will soon be Football season once again.

Well I suppose I will close to wait for night fall. All one can do is beg for mercy.

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