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they are not lulled to sleep by the vain and deceitful enticements of the world

It is now in the flow 11:40 AM Eastern Standard Time Thursday. I did leave the house this morning after calling my wife in the state of Washington Mercer Island. I first went and put gas in the car, then drove to a thrift store I visited yesterday to pick up two used books I saw yesterday, and lastly I drove to Kollen Park and walked our dog Rudy. When I got home I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary. Soon I will be flowing into the afternoon hours.

This morning I bought these two used books for our library.

"The One From The Other" A Bernie Gunther Novel by Philip Kerr (Recently I started collecting the writings of Philip Kerr.)

"Beyond the Stony Mountains: Nature In The American West From Lewis And Clark To Today" by Daniel B. Botkin

I did not take any pictures this morning as I walked the dog at Kollen Park. Well I will close to face what comes next.

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