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the Appalachian Trail

It is in the flow 11:36 AM Wednesday morning. A warm gray day outside this morning. The sky looks gray as steel. It is also warm and not comfortable. We still have on the central air so the house is cool inside.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 10:15 AM and everything is normal. The doctor told me the pain I am experiencing at night is heart burn and in time it should go away. After the doctor's appointment I visited a near by thrift store and found one used books to add to our library.

"A Road More or Less Traveled: Madcap Adventures Along the Appalachian Trail" by Otis & Roberts

After visiting this thrift store I came home to wait out the day.

This morning Carol called me from a motel in Port Angeles Washington. They are having a nice time.

I have no plans for the day ahead of me. This morning I read some more of the novel, "The Book Of Strange New Things" by Michel Faber.

Last night I watched television and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. I woke up around 2:30 AM with terrible heart burn. I ate something and sat in the living room half asleep and half awake. I went back to bed around 4 o'clock AM and got up around 8 o'clock AM. So has gone by my life this morning.

Well I suppose I will close to go into the afternoon hours.

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