Fall of America

It is now in the flow of this day in my life in West Michigan 7:30 PM. Carol just left to take a pink rose to an old lady friend and then to work. My wife has an old woman friend named Pam who is 90 years old. Right now Pam is recovering from a broken arm at a local Rest Home/Rehab center.

I have not done much since I last wrote here. When you get my age you tend to lose track of time and wait for the Angel of Death to fly over.

It is too early to go to bed so here I sit in the computer light writing words. I have already put away my paper diary for the day. I should hit this month in my paper diary Page 600. Well I might hit page 600 the first week of August 2015. I have been writing in a diary since I was 18 years old. But I do not think I really started writing all the time till I was in my early 20's. I do know for a fact that every day of our marriage I have written something in my diary. I envy people who have diaries they wrote when they were children or teenagers.

I have been reading this evening once again the novel, "Almanac Of The Dead" by Leslie Marmon Silko. This novel is 763 pages long and I am on page 291 right now. I have been reading this novel off and on for a year now. One can read this novel over a long space of time because it is in parts/sections dealing with different characters. Right now I am not sure how all the stories fit together or how all the characters fit together. But I will keep reading this novel at least for a couple more days. I did start this evening to read a new novel I bought recently titled, "The Book Of Strange New Things" by Michael Faber. I did take down into the lower level a ton of books this afternoon. Right now my mind refuses to function at a high level. I am out of it. I am going to have a birthday soon and my mind is processing that fact/I am getting oldier/my days are numbered.

I have too many books to read and no space inside my head to grasp it all.

Well I will close to wash the dinner dishes and take my daily hot shower. I might write some more later since I need to get all off my chest before the bell tolls.
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