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waking up in America

It is 2:25 PM Friday afternoon. I am home from the library book nook. It was extremely quiet at the book nook today. I read my books and wandered the store till it was time to leave. I brought home from the book nook two used books to add to our library today.

"A Hologram For The King" a novel by Dave Eggers

"The Theology Of Thomas Aquinas" Edited By Rik Van Nieowenhove & Joseph Wawrykow

On the way home from the book nook I stopped at a local thrift store and found these used books to add to our library.

"Coming Through Slaughter" a novel by Michael Ondaatje

"The Country Ahead Of Us, The Country Behind" stories by David Guterson

"Long Quiet Highway: Waking Up In America" a memoir by Natalie Goldberg

Not much else to report. I will close to recover from my surgery. I still feel broken.

At the book nook I read from these two books.

"I Greet You At The Beginning Of A Great Career: The Selected Correspondence Of Lawrence Ferlinghetti And Allen Ginsberg 1955-1997" Edited By Bill Morgan

"American Smoke: Journeys To The End Of The Light" by Iain Sinclair

Tomorrow I once again volunteer at the library book nook from 10 AM till 1 PM. I already has used books set aside at the book nook to add to our library. It seems lately that music and books are constantly streaming into my cage. And yet I live in a state of profound silence and non-activity. Weird.


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