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an idyllic sanctuary from the inferno of the American megalopolis

It is in the night flow 7:55 PM Thursday night. Another day has gone by without my permission. It is right now 81 degrees inside my cage. I opened up all the windows in our house, but there is no breeze blowing this evening. Everything is still this evening. No breeze blowing through the top of trees. So here I sit burning up waiting for it to cool down.

Carol went to work this evening. She works the next three nights and then she leaves for Seattle Washington this coming Tuesday morning for a week. I am not going with her out to the Northwest, because I am afraid of flying in airplanes. I also do not function well outside my cell. Here in my cell is Everlasting Life/Eternity of delighting in the Persons of the Godhead.

Today I have been napping seeking to recover from my recent gallbladder surgery. When not napping I have been reading from these books.

"I Greet You At The Beginning Of A Great Career: The Selected Correspondence Of Lawrence Ferlinghetti And Allen Ginsberg, 1955-1997" Edited By Bill Morgan

"Portraits and Observations: The Essays Of Truman Capote" (I have a large Truman Capote Collection in our library. Capote was another fascinating conversationalists/writer.)

I am extremely tired these days due to lack of sleep. Hopefully I will sleep tonight. Tomorrow I cover for someone at the Herrick District Public Library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM.

So the day has gone by. I suppose I will close to feel like shit. The Lord is faithful.





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