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used books bought 7/23/2015

We bought these used books today at a used books sale at the Gary Byker Memorial Library in the city of Hudsonville MI.

"Thinks. . ." a novel by David Lodge

"English, August An Indian Story" a novel by Upamanyu Chatterjee

"A Month Of Sundays" a novel by John Updike

"A Dove of the East And Other Stories" by Mark Helprin

"East, West" Stories by Salman Rushdie

"Reinhart's Women" a novel by Thomas Berger

"Portraits and Observations: The Essays Of Truman Capote"

Before going to the library used books sale we checked out garage sales, found no used books worth adding to our library. We also stopped at a couple of thrift stores and I found no used books to buy. Carol bought children's toys and children's books for our grandchildren.

Since I feel terrible I will close to recover from my surgery.

used books bought 7/23/2015

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