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It is 4:16 AM Thursday morning in the flow of existence. I am up super early because since I stopped taking AdvilPM I do not sleep till 5 o'clock AM or 6 o'clock AM. I woke up to find Rudy covered with dog shit in his bed so I immediately had to give him a bath. Rudy must have eaten something off the sidewalk someplace last night when Carol walked him. Rudy tends to eat awful stuff on his walks and then during the night shits everywhere. Carol swears she never saw him eat anything like a dead bird or something else, but Rudy is fast when it comes eating stuff off a sidewalk. So I gave Rudy a bath and then made myself a cup of tea. Next I wrote in my paper diary and took some pictures of some of my Allen Ginsberg books. I have a very large collection of Beat Literature some of it is in my upstairs main study. Yesterday UPS delivered a new Beat book I recently ordered titled, "I Greet You At The Beginning Of A Great Career: The Selected Correspondence Of Lawrence Ferlinghetti And Allen Ginsberg 1955-1997" Edited by Bill Morgan.

I basically read, "I Greet You At The Beginning Of A Great Career" till I went to bed last night. I did look at also these books last night on Ginsberg and his poem Howl.

"American Scream: Allen Ginsberg's Howl And The Making Of The Beat Generation" by Jonah Raskin

"Howl on trial: The Battle for Free Expression" Edited by Bill Morgan & Nancy J. Peters

"HOWL" 50th Anniversary Edition Original draft facsimile, transcript, and variant versions, fully annotated by author, with contemporaneous correspondence, account of first public reading, legal skirmishes, precursor texts, and bibliography by Allen Ginsberg

"The Poetry And Life Of Allen Ginsberg: A Narrative Poem" by Edward Sanders

I have a large Allen Ginsberg's collection. I have always been fascinated by intellectuals and Ginsberg was an intellectual/a real conversationalists. I do not know if we have any great talkers these days. Nobody is talking anymore, just texting each other. No one wants to talk verbally any more. That is one of the reasons I left the visible church, because no one wanted to talk about the deep things of God/reality/existence/inner pain/despair at the decline of America etc. . . No one wanted spiritual fellowship with my broken soul/no one wanted to howl with me.

I got to close to eat my oatmeal. This morning Carol and I will go to a used books sale and also check out a couple of garage sales that are selling used books. Maybe we will come across some great used books this morning to add to our library.

Allen Ginsberg

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