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UCLA Library Acquires Susan Sontag Papers

It is Tuesday afternoon. I was reading an essay on Susan Sontag (in the book titled, "Mentors, Muses & Monsters: 30 Writers On The People Who Changed Their Lives" Edited by Elizabeth Benedict the chapter titled, 'Sontag's Rules' by Sigrid Nunez pg. 114) this afternoon and was wondering what books she had in her library. I found the article below.

"The collection includes some 89 holographnotebooks — a mix of diaries, workbooks and commonplace books — which offer aunique insight into Sontag's personal and creative life. The earliest is from1948 and the latest from 2000.

Sontag's personal library represents thewide scope of her interests, particularly those of a scholarly nature. Itincludes works of American literature (635 volumes); Asian literature (700volumes); British literature (926 volumes); French literature (1541 volumes);German literature (789 volumes); history (1565 volumes); Italian, Spanish andLatin American literature (441 volumes); Russian and Eastern Europeanliterature (777 volumes); dance, theater and music (408 volumes); film (78volumes); social sciences (645 volumes); art and architecture (1,916 volumes);photography (416 volumes); periodicals (2,000 volumes); and her ownpublications in English and the 28 languages into which they have beentranslated (1,100 volumes)."

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