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It is in the flow of being alive in a world gone insane 6:52 AM Saturday morning. I got up early because I usually get up early. Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy. wealthy and wise as the old saying goes. So I got up let Rudy out of his cage and made a pot of coffee. After making coffee I walked over to our main computer and logged in. Every morning after making coffee and come here to our main computer to read blogs and check for e-mail. After that I look at Yahoo News. Now I am writing some words into my personal blogs. Outside it is a clear day and I can hear birds. We have lived in this neighborhood since July 1991. The years have flown by!

This morning I volunteer at the Herrick District Public Library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM. Before going to the library book nook Carol and I are going to the Holland Farmer's Market.

I do not know what the rest of my day will be. Life is a mystery.

Last night I finished reading a novel by Sue Miller that I started reading back in August 2014 titled "Lost in the Forest". I only had a few pages left to read in this novel before being complete read. I might get out other novels I started reading but never finished. After reading Sue Miller I got out to read a new book I recently acquired titled, "American Smoke: Journeys To The End Of The Light" a travel memoir by Iain Sinclair.

I went to bed early last night. And now it is another day to count my lucky stars.

I do not know what else to write so I will close to drift. Wait for my wife to get up so I can make us a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. Thank the good Lord for oatmeal.

a review of the novel "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" by Rachel Joyce

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