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the greatest love story ever told

It is now 11:18 AM Tuesday morning. I am tired, but that is normal. I have been looking at a Puritan titled, "The Best Match or The Soul's Espousal to Christ" by Edward Pearse.

"2. The soul being thus divorced from the law and so fitted and prepared for Christ, then, the Spirit of God reveals and offers the Lord Jesus Christ in the promise of the Gospel as a better Husband to him. Now the blessed Spirit comes and does as Abraham's servant did, who was sent to take a wife for Isaac. He told Rebekah of his master's greatness, of his flocks and his herds, his silver and his gold, his men-servants and his maid-servants, and withal, that he had given all to Isaac; so the Spirit of God now sets before the soul the riches and greatness, the beauty and the excellency of the Lord Jesus Christ. He tells them what a full, what a sweet, what a rich, what an amiable one He is and, withal, tenders him to His embraces; He reveals and offers Him to him as one full of grace and truth, as one that has all fullness dwelling in Him, all fullness of life and peace, of righteousness and salvation, as One every way able to save him to the very utmost, which is that which Christ calls His "convincing the world of righteousness." He reveals and offers Him to him in the transcendent beauty, excellency, and amiableness of His person on the one hand, and in the glorious fullness, largeness and sufficiency of His grace and righteousness on the other hand. Thus, I say, He reveals and offers unto the soul, opens His glory, and causes it to shine before him so that now the soul sees in Christ that fullness, that beauty, that love, that amiableness, that sweetness which he never saw before.

Now the soul, as those, "behold His glory, as the glory of the only begotten Son, full of grace and truth"; yea, not only does He thus reveal Christ unto the soul, but fixes the soul's eye upon Him. He makes him to pore and gaze upon Christ as the most excellent and amiable object, and as one infinitely needful for him, and this is called "a seeing of the Son," and that in order to believing; "whosoever seeth the Son, and believeth on Him, shall have everlasting life." . . ." pg. 36,37 THE BEST MATCH by Edward Pearse

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