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the soul's rest in God

Since I have some time left before my wife gets up to face It I thought I would quote from a book I got out this morning titled, "A Beam Of Divine Glory: The Unchangeableness of God" by Edward Pearse (1633-1673).

"2. Would you indeed live at rest in God? Then labor to know Him much, and to know Him in Christ. The more we know God, the more we shall love Him; and the more we know and love Him, the more shall we rest in Him. "They that know Thy name (said the psalmist) will trust in Thee" (Psalm 9:10); they will rest in God and depend on God. One great reason why we do not rest in God is that we do not know Him, at least so know Him as to carry in us right notions and apprehensions of Him. Labor, therefore, to know God more and better; labor to know Him in Christ. God in Christ is most sweet, most lovely, most ravishing and solacing to souls. God in Christ is a God of love, yes, a God that is love. "God is love" (1 John 4:8). God in Christ is a God of reconciliation: "God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them" (2 Corinth. 5:19); and, oh, how sweet is God thus known! God in Christ is "the Father of mercies, the God of all comfort" (2 Corinth. 1:3). He is full, free, open fountain of spiritual good. We read of "the light of the knowledge of the glory of God shining forth in the face of Christ" (2 Corinth. 4:6). And, indeed, the light and glory of God, His beauty, sweetness, and excellency, shines forth nowhere so brightly and illustriously as in Jesus Christ. To know God or to look on Him outside of Christ is what rather fills the soul with trouble than brings it to rest in Him. "I remembered God, and was troubled" (Psalm 77:3). God out of Christ is no other than an angry judge, a consuming fire, one who is ready to damn and destroy the soul; but in Christ He is a God of pardon, a God of salvation to all who come by Christ to Him. Hence some of the saints have profited that they dare not think of God out of Christ. And you know what Luther's thoughts were by that outcry of his, "I will have nothing to do with an absolute God." Oh, therefore labor to know God in Christ more; being known in Him, He is infinitely sweet to souls, and they cannot but find that sweetness in Him that shall draw and allure them to make Him their rest and all forever." pg. 178,179 Edward Pearse

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