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how desirable and glorious is this illuminating work of the Spirit!

It is now in the flow of existence 12:45 PM Sunday afternoon. I want to quote some more of what Hugh Martin writes about the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit in his book, "The Abiding Presence".

"He does not tarry without, and aloof from the soul; and raise in it immediate neighborhood some shining light, whose rays may pierce the gloom of nature's spiritual darkness. Nor does He-still Himself abiding without the soul-create some light within. But the glorious procedure is this; God Himself is light-light adequate for the souls of intelligent beings, even as the sun in heaven is light suitable for material creation; God Himself is light: And seeking to restore light to the darkened heart of man, He makes His way into the inmost soul, having all power over it, and all right to pass through all its chambers or tarry in them at His pleasure. He exercises that right. He takes His seat and throne in the central citadel there; and from within the heart God shines. Not into, but-"out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined." God hath shined in our hearts.

How desirable and glorious is this illuminating work of the Spirit! Seated in the souls of His people, and working in every one severally as He wills; restraining or enlarging the light at His pleasure; He shines in their hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God. A free and sovereign agent; very gracious also at the voice of their cry; and rejoicing in His commission, as the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation, to glorify Christ; He cleanses and purifies the heart; eliminates its self-darkening love of sin; molds its affections to purer joys, and to an ever-increasing susceptibility to His own heavenly light. Enthroned in the power of His office in the very center of our intellect and heart, and subduing the carnal mind with its ignorance and prejudice and enmity and error, the Spirit urges back the thick clouds of our spiritual darkness; enlarges the sphere of our spiritual vision; communicates in the soul a measure of the very light in which He Himself sees light-the very light in which He Himself sees the character and glory and will of God; and realizes in us the amazing assertion of the Psalmist-"in thy light, O God, shall we see light" (Ps. 36:9)." pg. 155 Hugh Martin

Hugh Martin (1822-1885)


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