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The Happiness of Enjoying and Making a True and Speedy Use of Christ by Alexander Grosse

Alexander Grosse

Table of Contents:

1. Showing the Transcendency of Christ’s Fullness above All Created Fullness and Opening the Scope of the Words

2. Declaring the Vanity of Joining Human Observations to Christ Jesus

3. Disclosing the folly of Not Cleaving to and Contenting Ourselves with Christ, but Instead Going Aside to Vain Inventions

4. Setting Forth the Beauty of All Divine and Heavenly Fullness in Christ

5. Setting Forth the Folly of Neglecting Christ and Seeking Fullness Elsewhere

6. Discovering the Folly of Not Coming Fully Home to Christ, in Whom is All Fullness

7. Showing How Christ is to Be Valued and Esteemed Above All

8. Persuading to Come to and Get Interest in Christ

9. Teaching How to Make Use of Christ

10. Persuading to Full and Constant Yielding to Christ

11. Declaring the Inseparable Union of Christ’s Two Natures in One Person

12. Showing that Man’s Choicest Excellency Consists in Union with God

13. Declaring the Perfection and Fullness of Christ Above the Fullness of all Creatures

14. Setting Forth the Superlative Excellency of Christ above all Creatures

15. Opening the Blessed and Happy Condition of them that are Partakers of Christ

16. Ascribing Perfection in Christ to such Alone that are truly Blessed

17. Outlining Four Grounds of the Saints’ Perfection

18. Evidencing the Fullness of the Saints by Four Characteristics or Marks, with Four Motives to Labor for Fullness

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