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It is in the flow of energy or whatever you what to call IT. Outside it is gray and wet this morning. It is suppose to rain today. It must have rained throughout the night. I have been up since 4:50 AM this morning. I got up with everyone us to help load up the car and say my final good-byes to Beth and Lou. Carol left with Beth and Lou for the Grand Rapids Airport around 5:15 AM. I spent the morning getting the cell back into order.

Carol got back from Grand Rapids around 7:30 AM and has also been putting the house back into order. So goes existence.

Not much else to report this morning. I plan to go back to bed sometime today. Carol goes back to work tonight so she will have to sleep today.

Last night we went to bed early because we knew we had to be up early to get Beth and Louisa off. Right now yesterday is a blank due to being exhausted.

I am trying to remember what book I read last. I took a TON of books down into the lower level recently. I buy a lot of used books over a months period of Time. I just remembered that I have not mentioned here in blogland that yesterday we all drove over to Douglas Mich. to visit Well Read Used Books store attached to the Douglas Public Library. As Carol and Beth walked Lou around Douglas I visited this used books store and found two used books to ADD to our library-

"Carthage" a novel by Joyce Carol Oates

"Supreme City: How Jazz Age Manhattan Gave Birth to Modern America" by Donald L. Miller

I think I mainly read yesterday a book titled, "Unpacking The Boxes: A Memoir of a Life in Poetry" by Donald Hall. I have in our library three other books by Donald Hall, "Remembering Poets: Reminiscences And Opinions", "Claims for Poetry" Editor Donald Hall and "Seasons At Eagle Pond" essays.

So the morning goes by. I do not know what the day holds for us. All we can do is jump in and swim.

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