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Father's Day

It is 11:16 AM Sunday late morning. It is a humid cloudy morning here near Lake Michigan. Existence is flowing by.

I am tired, but that is normal for me. I have had a typical morning thus far. I have been basically laying around the house since I got up this morning around 6:15 AM.

I have not read anything this morning due to being out of it. I did write in my paper diary this morning.

This afternoon we are driving over to Grand Rapids to hang out at Caleb and Emily's. We have supper there and drive home this evening. The granddaughters Lou and Josie will keep us busy as we visit on this 2015 Father's Day. I do not remember ever having a father or really a mother growing up. I am myself a husband, father and now a grandfather. This coming August I will have my 63rd birthday. Life is short compared to the Eternal State.

Last night I basically read, 'Life Sentences: Literary Judgments And Accounts" essays by William H. Gass. I also watched TV last night and went to bed around 10:55 PM. Yesterday I do not remember much about right now.

Well not much else to report so I will close to wait it out.


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