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the embourgeoisement of Fortune

It is now in the Eastern Standard Time flow 8:28 PM Friday night. Nothing going on here where we are at. I have been waiting out my existence. Carol and Beth are talking and Lou is down for the night. Lou usually wakes up around 2 o'clock AM but sometimes goes right back to sleep.

Carol, Beth, Emily and the two granddaughters Lou and Josie went out to the Lake this afternoon. While they were gone I straightened up the house, cleaned the kitchen and mowed the lawn. I love order! I am not into chaos. I like simple order, nothing grand. It always amazes me how people screw up their lives by doing all kinds of dumb things. Some people live their whole lives in a state of unrest. Like the Bible declares there is no rest for the wicked. When we give our lives to the Lord peace reigns even in the midst of the storms of life.

I plan to go to bed early tonight like I did last night. Tomorrow I volunteer at the Herrick District Public Library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM. Existence keeps speeding by!

I really have nothing new to report. I am too blown out to read this evening. I suppose I will close to wait to go to bed.

I should mention that in the mail today I received a used book I had ordered titled, "Inside: The Biography Of John Gunther" by Ken Cuthbertson.


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