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Friends of the Library Used Books Sale 6/19/015

It is in the energy flow the dynamic flow 1:06 PM Friday afternoon. Outside the sun is shining. Out in the front yard is Emily, baby Josie, Beth, baby Lou and Nonie. I just got back from helping at the Friends of the Library used books sale. I am beat! I have been going all day! Early this morning I had a doctor's appointment and then we went straight to the used books sale at the local library.

I found these used books to ADD to our library-

"Wide as the Waters: The Story of the English Bible and the Revolution It Inspired" by Benson Bobrick

"Zora Neale Hurston: A Life in Letters" Collected and Edited by Carla Kaplan

"South" A Memoir by Ernest Shackleton

"Castle Richmond" a novel by Anthony Trollope

"The Lost Upland: Stories Of Southwest France" by W. S. Merwin

"Jack Maggs" a novel by Peter Carey

"Warhol" a biography by Victor Bockris

"Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day" stories by Diane Ackerman

"The Wind Spirit: An Autobiography" by Michel Tournier

"Arsenals Of Folly: The Making Of The Nuclear Arms Race" by Richard Rhodes

"A Fez of the Heart: Travels Around Turkey In Search Of A Hat" travel memoir by Jeremy Seal

"The Spanish Civil War" by Anthony Beevor

"Collected Fictions" by Jorge Luis Borges (Translated by Andrew Hurley)

"The Success & Failure Of Picasso" biography by John Berger

"Wide Sargasso Sea" a novel by Jean Rhys

"A Woman, A Man, and Two Kingdoms: The Story of Madame D'Epinay and the Abbe Galiani" by Francis Steegmuller

"Tooth and Claw" Short Stories by T. C. Boyle

"The Sum of Our Days" a memoir by Isabel Allende

"The Scarlet Letters" a novel by Louis Auchincloss

"A Fairly Honourable Defeat" a novel by Iris Murdoch

"Let The Great World Spin" a novel by Colum McCann

"Something For Nothing: Luck in America" by Jackson Lears

"The Course Of Empire" history by Bernard DeVoto

"Gasp! The Swift & Terrible Beauty Of Air" by Joe Sherman

"The Museum of Innocence" a novel by Orhan Pamuk

"Nobody's Perfect: Writings From The New Yorker" by Anthony Lane

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