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all is wrapped in darkness

It is in the life flow 7:05 AM Friday morning. I got up around 6:33 AM. Everyone is up. I am hold up in my main study writing on my lap top. I can not eat breakfast. I did not eat yesterday. I was told to not eat so as to give my gallbladder a rest. I am thinking maybe I will stop eating since I am feeling empty this morning. Why eat?

This morning I meet with the doctor who will cut out my gallbladder at 8:15 AM. My appointment is an add on so I might not actually see the doctor to who knows when. Maybe I will still be able to attend the Friends of the Library used books sale this morning. All is wrapped in darkness.

Yesterday I mainly wandered the house and read some more of the novel, "The Odd Woman" by Gail Godwin.

Yesterday UPS delivered a book I had ordered titled, "The Complete Poems Of Kenneth Rexroth" Edited By Sam Hamill & Bradford Morrow. I recently bought used a biography on the life of Kenneth Rexroth titled, "A Life of Kenneth Rexroth" by Linda Hamalian.

So existence keeps rolling along. Not much else to report so I will close.

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