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It is 9:33 AM Thursday morning in the death flow. I have been up since 5 o'clock AM and I went to bed around 1 o'clock AM. I had Carol take me this morning to Emergency at the local hospital. To make a long story short I need to have my gallbladder removed.

Carol and I were at Emergency for over two hours. Carol talked to her co-workers as I was being checked over. It looks like tomorrow I will miss the Friends of the Library book sale. At the time of the used books sale tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment with a surgeon.

Right now I am sitting in my main study feeling sick about everything.

Last night I read while sick from these two books-

"The Odd Woman" a novel by Gail Godwin

"Four Seasons In Rome" travel memoir by Anthony Doerr

Well I will close.

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