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the courage to treat all men as equal

It is in the flow 6:09 PM Wednesday night. Outside this evening it is rainy and gray. Lately it has been raining steady. It has been a wet Spring and a wet Summer thus far.

Since I last wrote here I have not done much. I am tired I suppose. It is too early to go to bed. Tomorrow is a Thursday. Lately I have been experiencing being light headed, which I find weird. A moment ago as I was typing these words I felt dizzy for a few moments. It is kind of a like a for few moments I feel dizzy or light headed. I might go see my doctor if these spells feeling light headed continue. I keep telling myself I am feeling dizzy due to all the disruption going on here lately. But still something serious could be wrong with me. I am no young man. Maybe death is calling me or some serious illness.

Like I wrote I have not done much today after coming home from the library. I have not read anything this evening. I ate dinner and sat in the dining room doing nothing but watching Carol, Beth and baby Lou go about their existence. Soon Beth will put baby Louisa down for the night. I most likely will go to bed early tonight.

In the morning I meet up with my friend Tim for breakfast and then there is a family picnic at a local city park to attend with Carol, Beth, and Lou. I invited brother Tim to our family picnic tomorrow late morning.

Well I suppose I will close to feel dizzy.


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