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an old diary entry The History of Reading written May 4, 2009

the History of Reading

It is 8:14 AM Monday morning in the cosmic flow. I am down in the basement (bomb shelter) drinking a cup of coffee listening to the Grateful Dead live at the Fillmore West 1969 San Francisco.

Way back in 1968 I saw Pink Floyd at the Fillmore West. I was on LSD and had my mind blown. Maybe due to taking so much acid I am a Christian mystic today? I do not know why I find the dead american world a super drag? I want to be heavenly minded. "Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands." 2 Corinth. 5:1

Carol woke me up at 6:30 AM getting dressed so as to go to the grocery store. I got up and went with her to the grocery store. Now it is 8:17 AM morning time and I am still not fully awake.

It is another warm sunny day. I good day to smoke some weed and rock with the Grateful Dead (I am having a Northern California dream).

I have nothing to do today worth doing.

Yesterday I barely remember right now. I am lost in the eternal NOW. I do remember going to bed early last night to read "The Magic Mountain" a novel by Thomas Mann. I do remember what television last night.

Carol is going to take her mother for a ride around Holland so she can see the flowers and the trees. Right now we are in high Spring time. I should go out and see if the trees at Van Raalte Farm county park are in bloom.

Yesterday a LiveJournal mentioned a novel titled "The Savage Detectives" by Roberto Bolano. I have this novel near me. This novel is on a stack of books near me. Here is the list of books in this stack---

"The Savage Detectives" a novel by Roberto Bolano

"The Lost Weekend" a novel by Charles Jackson

"Barthes: Selected Writings" Introduced by Susan Sontag

"Self-Condemned" a novel by Wyndham Lewis

"The Rest Is Noise: Listening To The Twentieth Century" by Alex Ross

"The Thief's Journal" by Jean Genet

"2666" a novelby Roberto Bolano

"George, Being George: George Plimpton's Life" Edited by Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr.

I am a bookworm. I have always loved books. I am always reading something. I love words. I wish I was a master of the English language. It makes me sick I can not spell. Anyone who reads my diary can see how poorly I know the English language-English grammar. I do not know how to write a decent sentence. I am uneducated. I envy writers like Joyce Carol Oates and John Updike.

Along time ago I realize we have our limits. We have walls around us that we can not escape.

For years I restricted my reading to books that would enable me to preach and teach the Bible. It is only been only in the last five years I have gone beyond Christian books. Well I did read novels once awhile when I was seeking to be a gospel minister. But most of my reading was directed towards being a Soul Doctor.

I have been reading the kind of books I read when I was young. I still read Christian books, but also novels. It is only in the last five years we started going to used book sales.

I have been reading the Beats for years. When I was preparing myself for the Gospel Ministry I did not have the time or energy to read novels. I had to read books that would help me open up the Scriptures to God's people. Around five years ago maybe longer I realized there was no place for me in the evangelical world. I left the visible church and now I read all over the map. I read books that interest me or wanted to read when I was a young man. For example I have always wanted to read "The Magic Mountain" by Thomas Mann, so now I am reading it and soon will be finished with it. Next I hope to read, "Ulysses" a novel by James Joyce.

I have spent most of my life in bookstores, libraries, or reading books. I love books.

I love the Word of God supremely.

Also I have been writing in diary form since I was 17 years old. I love to write words!

I was going to write a History of Reading, but this enough history. Since I got fired from my job back in June 21, 2007 I have time and mental energy to read and write all the time. For many years when I was working I was always mentally exhausted and could only devoted myself to reading books that would help me teach Adult Sunday School (I taught Adult Sunday school for 10 years at Messiah Independent Reformed Church till we left this church over doctrinal disagreements mainly.)

I read books even though I would not recommend to people to read what I read. I tell folks to read the Bible and pray. I read because I love to read. If you are going to read you should read the best literature-secular and Christian. Why read junk? Why fill your mind and heart with crap?

I realize there are some Christians who think reading outside of the Bible is a waste of time. Well to me there are all kinds of Christians. I can read nonchristian literature without believing it is Real. We can read books for different reasons. I consider for example, "The Magic Mountain" by Mann a work of Art. Praise the Lord for works of Art! Art is not all purely evil. We are to enjoy works of creation, works of artistic creation like novels and music etc. . .

Well, I am tired so I will close. Once again words fail me. I do not know how to write what is inside of my mind.

music: Grateful Dead Fillmore West 1969 Live

9:03 a.m. - 2009-05-04

Crookedfingers May 4, 2009 History of Reading

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