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the Great Cemetery of the American Intellect

It is 1:05 PM Wednesday afternoon. It is sunny and 72 degrees outside right now.

This morning we went to the Holland Farmer's Market. When we got home we ate lunch. After I ate lunch I down loaded the pictures I took this morning at the Holland Farmer's Market.

I am extremely tired so I will close. During the night Rudy got sick and we had to get up and deal with him. I went back to bed around 4 o'clock AM, but Carol stayed up. I got back up around 6:40 AM this morning. I am not doing so good.

Well I will close to feel sick tired. There is no way of escape right now. Yesterday I mainly read from these two books-

"The Odd Woman" a novel by Gail Godwin

"Politics: Observations & Arguments, 1966-2004" essays by Hendrik Hertzberg

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