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Answer for question 4402.

Have you ever had a penpal or email-pal? How did you find this person? Was it a good experience? Did you get to meet your pal in personal eventually?
Many years ago I had several pen-pals. Many years ago I subscribed to a magazine titled The Banner of Truth. I sent to this magazine a note asking the publishers to post a request for people to write to me who wanted to share me their thoughts on the 17th century English Puritans and on classical Calvinism. Soon after this request was published in this magazine I received letters from several people wanting to be pan-pals. I received letters from one of these pen-pals named Robert Isherwood for 24 years. I never met in person any of these pen-pals. I did though talk to one of my pen-pals on the phone once in awhile who live if I recall in North Carolina. I would say writing to these pen-pals was a good experience. I stopped writing to these pen-pals many years ago. There came a time in my life when I had nothing to write about. I was in a different place spiritually and was no longer into 17th century English Puritan Theology or Calvinism.

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