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It is now in the process of decay 12:53 PM Monday afternoon. The sun decided to come out this afternoon. I left the house and visited a couple of thrift stores in search of used books to add to our library. I found these used books today-

"The Twenties In Vogue" by Carolyn Hall

"The Thirties In Vogue" by Carolyn Hall

"The Revolt Of The Cockroach People" memoir by Oscar Zeta Acosta (Introduction By Hunter S. Thompson)

"While I Was Gone" a novel by Sue Miller

"New York In The 50's" a memoir by Dan Wakefield

It is 12:59 PM here by Lake Michigan. I should have lunch before I pass out. Well I will close to suffer.

I realized this morning I did not mention what used book I brought home with me from the library book nook last Saturday. I brought home a used Art table book titled, "The Frederic Remington Book: A Pictorial History Of The West" by Harold McCracken.

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