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the quest for the historical Adam

It is in the flow 2:28 PM Thursday afternoon. The sun is still shining. Carol, Beth, and Andy are in the sun room entertaining Lou. Little baby Louisa does not stop when she is up. Lou is constantly in motion. Sometimes I think Lou is crazy, but she is just a baby exploring the world when she sticks her hands down the toilet or grabs a handful of dog food.

I am tired right now since I barely slept last night. I have a headache. I need some rest.

Late this morning I left the house to do errands and to visit thrift stores. I found these used books today to ADD to our book collection-

"Trench Warfare 1914-1918: The Live and Let Live System" by Tony Ashworth

"White Man's Grave" a novel by Richard Dooling

"Kehua" a novel by Fay Weldon

"Love and Summer" a novel by William Trevor

"ABC" a novel by David Plante

In the mail this afternoon I received a book from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary titled, "The Quest For The Historical Adam: Genesis, Hermeneutics, and Human Origins" by William VanDoodewaard.

Due to all the chaos around me presently I have a hard time connecting to my inner self/heart voice/real self/soul man.

This morning I did find some presence of mind to have devotions. I read these books for morning devotions-

"Becoming the Gospel: Paul, Participation, and Mission" by Michael J. Gorman

"Galatians And Christian Theology: Justification, the Gospel, and Ethics in Paul's Letter" Edited by Elliott, Hafemann, Wright & Frederick.

Carol, Andy, Beth, and Lou just left to visit the Critter Barn. I am too tired to look at caged critters. When I see animals caged I feel sad. Animals should run wild and people should be the ones caged.

Well I will close to feel wasted. There is no way of escape.

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