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emptied the bottle of fire water

It is 1:13 PM Monday afternoon. This morning while out doing errands we stopped at thrift stores so we could look at baby clothes and used books. I found these used books today to add to our library.

"Oh. Play That Thing" a novel by Roddy Doyle (I have in our library another book by Doyle titled, "Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha".)

"Julius Winsome" a novel by Gerard Donovan

"The Odd Woman" a novel by Gail Godwin (I collect the writings of Gail Godwin.)

"Shoppers" Two Plays by Denis Johnson (I collect the writings of Denis Johnson.)

"The Book of Air And Shadows" a novel by Michael Gruber

"The Senator's Wife" a novel by Sue Miller (I collect the writings of Sue Miller.)

"Writers Workshop In A Book: The Squaw Valley Community of Writers on the Art of Fiction" Edited By Alan Cheuse & Lisa Alvarez

"Sarah Canary" a novel by Karen Joy Fowler (I have in our library another novel by Fowler titled, "The Jane Austen Book Club",)

I have had thus far a normal day. We went grocery shopping this morning. We came home after gathering food and then left to do errands. The sun is out this afternoon, but it is only 57 degrees. A cold day here by Lake Michigan.

I have been mainly reading these days the novel, "Satantango" by Laszlo Krasznahorkai (Translated from the Hungarian by George Szirtes).

I am tired as usual. I need to rest today from living in the American Wasteland. I am sick of everything. The Lord is good.

I am thankful our daughter Bethany married a solid Christian man. Andy is such a wonderful husband and father. It was such a blessing watching Andy care for his little baby girl Louisa Mae yesterday at his mother's house. We need in these dark times are godly Christian families.

Andy & Lou
Andy & Lou

Andy & Lou

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