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cosmic isolation

It is in the flow 9:36 AM Sunday morning Eastern Standard Time. Outside on this late Spring morning it is cold, rainy and dismal. In 22 days we will have the first day of Summer 2015. Spring will soon be forgotten under a layer of ice and snow.

Carol and I got up around 6:30 AM and went to Bob Evans for breakfast. After breakfast we drove over to a gas station and put gas in Carol's car. Then we came home to wait it out. I have been laying around all morning feeling sick to my stomach and wasted. I should see my doctor on why every time I eat lately I feel sick.

Carol will soon leave for church and after church she is driving over to Grand Rapids to drop off food at where Beth, Andy and Lou are staying. She also plans on the way home to stop and visit with Caleb, Emily, and Josie. I plan to stay home and wait it out.

I have been reading when not in a coma from these two books-

"Satantango" a novel by Laszlo Krasznahorkai

"Life Sentences: Literary Judgments And Accounts" essays by William H. Gass

Last night I laid around the house in the dark and went to bed early. I read till late into the night the novel "Satantango". Now it is another day, the last day of May 2015. Existence keeps decaying.

Well I will close to feel drained of all energy. It will soon be over.

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