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put on the Lord Jesus Christ

It is the flow of existence 10:15 AM Sunday morning. Outside this morning it is gray. There is no sunshine this morning. There is no blue skies and no sign of warm weather today. It feels like it might rain today. Carol told me it is suppose to rain tomorrow.

I got up this morning around 8 o'clock AM. I got up made a pot of coffee and a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. What was life before the computer? After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary. I then read for morning worship from a book titled, "Becoming the Gospel: Paul, Participation, and Mission" by Michael J. Gorman.

Carol got home from work around 8:36 AM and has gone to bed to sleep. She will get up sometime this evening to go to Covenant Presbyterian Church in America. My wife has been a member of a church all her life. My wife grew up in the Christian Reformed Church here in Holland Michigan. I started going to church when I was 18 years old. The first church I was a member of was First Baptist Church of Richmond California (American Baptist). After being a member of First Baptist I joined Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church Berkeley Calif. When I left California to attend Reformed Bible College in Grand Rapids Michigan I was a member of the Christian Reformation Church in Grand Rapids Michigan. This is the church Carol and I attended when we were first married. Our two sons Caleb and Josiah were baptized at the Christian Reformation Church, an independent Calvinist church.

When Carol, the boys and I moved to Jackson Mississippi to attend Reformed Theological Seminary we joined the Carson City Presbyterian Church in America (our daughter Bethany was baptized at Carson City PCA). The plan was for me to be ordained a gospel minister in the Presbyterian Church in America a conservative evangelical denomination. After seminary we moved to Houston Texas so I could do my ministerial internship. We joined Covenant Presbyterian Church in America where I did my ministerial internship. We were in Houston Texas for five years.

Covenant PCA Houston Texas

When we moved to Holland Michigan 24 years ago we along with eleven other families started a new church called Messiah Independent Reformed Church. We went to this independent Dutch Reformed church for ten years. In this church I taught Adult Sunday School and was involved in many aspects of church life. We left this church back in 2005 maybe 2004 over doctrinal differences. I have not joined another church since Messiah, but Carol joined many years ago Covenant PCA here in Holland, Michigan. At the present moment I am not a member of any church. I am out here in the Wasteland seeking a New Covenant community of followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(I did attend for awhile Covenant PCA with Carol, but due to doctrinal and spiritual reasons I could not with a good conscience join this body of professing Christians.)

Covenant PCA Holland MI

Well, I will close to eat something and get a fresh cup of coffee. It will soon be over. There is no way out.

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